Is life fair?

Everything is fair in love and war, but what about life?

At least once in our lives, we might have had this question running around in our minds that “Is life fair?”.

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Well, the answer is ….………….

Let us try and understand if it is actually, or is it just a human being thing to daily weep about life as crying is not a new thing for us, starting from the time we came out of the womb, we have cried a lot.

Life is a complete mix of our present, past, and future. In this span of time, it is logical to think that there will be a rally of events that happen, and sadly, not everything will go according to plan.

It all begins at a certain point of time in life that we start having these questions. Why only me? How come? Why not him? Why not her? the list goes on.

The answer is there in the questions themselves. All these questions about life arise when we start comparing our lives to that of others. Yes, be it a child or be it an adult we have all have been there.

Starting from your clothes to your toys and growing up to comparing your life partner, salaries, and most importantly, comparing your happiness causes the trouble.

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That one thing you don’t have or that one person missing from your life can force you to think that life is not fair. In today's time, the likes of social media have influenced people so much into questioning their lives that they forget about their own lives, what they have, what they like, and this is a dangerous sign for the upcoming generation.

Nobody can deny the fact that ups and downs are an integrated part of life, and no matter how perfect you think you are, you have to face it in life.

Life is all about giving it a chance. A single bad instance should not let you question the fairness of life. No matter what, always remember that if not now, there is a future to come. As we start focusing on our own life, it starts becoming more and more clear and fair.

Life is fair to everyone who’s fair to his/her own life.



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